воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

Not Yours But Word Family

   During learning English I came across a great deal of words which are annoyingly confusing and long. I began to break them down into small, manageable chunksroots and affixes. And it makes sense! 
   And now I lost my phobia when I deal with “xenophobia”, “anthropology” and so on. If you want to strengthen your knowledge in a successful way you need to clarify all these Greek and Latin suffixes and prefixes in order to manage with all compound words. For instance, compose – poser, transport – airport. In addition, it can prevent you from misspelling. For the true philologists it will be beneficial to grasp the importance of doing it. 
   So make the right decision, brighten your vocabulary and don’t underestimate it!

Upstream Upper-Intermidiate B2+ Student's Book
Unit 7

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