суббота, 22 апреля 2017 г.

It is Not a Sentence!

  Dear Ms A,
  I know that all your dictionaries on the shelves at your home work on you. But after a while this construction will be useless. Guess why? In our 2k17 you don’t take the time to identify a new word going through all those books. With remarkable ease you will go online (a bit later about it) and find an appropriate material for building your vocabulary such as different online dictionaries, videos and even games. Please, take it seriously, I don’t crack a joke, it is our reality.
  Due to this wide range of possibilities the process of learning English would be truly pleasant instead of frustrating one. Get the hang of necessity of these vast changes and it would be very nice if you make a comment because I worry about this great deal of new information in your head.

 Graph Words and Snappy Words, the online web applications will help you to improve your vocabulary. They create the representation of the words you are looking for in order to provide you as many related words as it’s possible. The branches are divided and it is very easy to get what you want.

  JustWord supports you by collocations to the word you need. It is very useful and brings enormous benefit particularly during writing some essays.

  If you relevant to those people who want to recall plenty of words from their own storage Word Machine puts you forward an interesting task. Doubtless you need to go through all ages of your own vocabulary.

  Words Game will help you to rack your brains day and night. Do your best to achieve new level and it is clear that you will expand your vocabulary.

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