воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

Emotions make us alive

   Our mood is so flexible and it can change as fast as possible. You can be totally cheerful and delighted but suddenly you can revise some frustrating moments and you will be mixed up or confused. There aren’t any recipes to avoid it but I can tell how I fight with this feeling.
   First and foremost, don’t bottle up your emotions. It’s obvious that you don’t need to wear your heart on your sleeve but some small talks with friends or parents will prevent you feeling down in the dumps.
   A fit of jealousy is the worst one. Be contented and grateful for what you have. Laugh at people you come across, wink at boy you like and if he does the same you doubtlessly will be at the state of euphoria.
    Don’t shout. People are innocent if you are a bit under the weather or sick and tired.

So keep a cold head and don’t suppress your feelings in order not to be grumble.  

   It’s time to give myself away and put the cards on the table. Why City of Stars? Because of this amazing couple and their sweet song which inspires me to play piano and sing. It really gives me a burst of energy and I’m always on the cloud nine after its review. It tends to touch my innermost feelings even after 100th time.

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