воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.


   The video of Sugata Mitra is as easy as ABC and I subscribe to the theory that the times of Empire have already gone but I honestly think it’s a rough idea. It’s my firm conviction that you can be truly a gifted child or maybe an eager beaver but you can’t acquire knowledge being out of control of some instructors. It’s a widespread belief that self-education can’t bring you enough benefit at any rate.
   The second video is my favorite because the speaker Sir Ken Robinson definitely hit the bull’s eye. It was mentioned that all children have a sense of curiosity from their childhood and the aim of their teachers, instructors and so on will not extinguish this fire in their eyes and cannot “encourage  follow the routine algorithms”.

    It’s a common knowledge that nowadays pupils/students in our country don’t get an education in order to become a leading authority in the field but to receive a diploma which is in the other words a plastic card. Just some of them grasp the importance of the aim of educationmaking progress.

   I take the view that it is necessary to create the only one exam after which all students can be divided into groups due to their specializations. In this way they would keep up with all subjects and prevent being dropped out of course and undoubtedly demonstrate their ability to work. 

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